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STARTING at $79.99 for tint on a car (4-side windows and one back window at 35%)

Want a darker shade of tint? Have a truck, SUV or van? You can order online and pay the difference in person! For pricing give us a call at (813) 443-8468

What You Get

Price shown is for our lightest shade of tint (35%) for four side windows and one rear window. Please call for additional pricing at (813) 443-8468Lifetime warranty on all film darker than 35% Transmittance. We use high-quality premium film for a pristine tint that will last and maintain a clean, high-class look. We have the best auto tint service in Tampa hands down!

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When tinting your windows please wait 3-5 days before rolling your windows down or you risk damaging the tint.

Please note if your windows are already tinted or partially tinted...

If your vehicle also requires tint removal service, after adding auto tint to your cart please add tint removal to your cart as well before checking out by selecting tint removal under the pricing tab pricing (top of the page), inputting your specific requirements and adding to your cart.

More Info About Tint

With most window tinting films, your shade only makes a 1% difference in your heat rejection. Window tinting technology allows you to either tint your vehicle at 5% (total limo) or 70% (almost clear) and still enjoy incredible heat rejection numbers of 80 to 90%. Bear in mind that no matter which shade you pick you will always obtain a 99.9% UV protection. Your choice of shade comes down to your desire for privacy. Please note that each state has different regulation on legal darkness. We recommend that you don't choose a darkness lower than 30% in the Front and 20% in the back windows, but the choice is ultimately yours to make.


Florida laws governing window tinting have been established since 1991. Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. That’s essentially from the top of the window to the rearview mirror, roughly 6 inches. It’s illegal to have the rest of your windshield tinted with this reflective film since it will block driver's visibility.

Tinting also is allowed on the front side windows, rear side windows, and back window, but the darkness of the tint is regulated. The darkness is measured by Visible Light Transmission (VLT), meaning that the tint you put on the window, plus the glass, must allow a certain percentage of light to pass through. For front side windows, it’s more than 28 percent and for the back side windows and rear window, more than 15 percent. We recommend that our customers do not go any lower than 30% in the front side windows and 20% in the backside and rear glass.  Limo Tint which is the dark tint used on limos for privacy is only 5% VLT. This is way below FL state law. If you choose to have this type of VLT on your windows you are increasing your risk of obtaining a non-moving traffic violation. If the darkness or type of film you are choosing violates any Florida laws you can rest assured we will inform, however, by purchasing our services every customer agrees that it is solely the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are not breaking any laws by driving their vehicle with the tint they have purchased. By consenting to have their vehicles tinted, the customer agrees that if the vehicle is tinted beyond the legal limit that the vehicle will not be driven on roads where it would be considered illegal.

If this is too much to keep track of, you can trust our professional techs who are aware of the law and how dark and reflective tint can be. 

Cancellation policy for online orders only: Due to the nature of online ordering, once a purchase is made it is expected that the customer will be serviced and so arrangments and materials are prepared within 24-hours that the order has been made. Because of this, all online orders are final and cannot be refunded, however, the amount spent online can be transferred to any other service we offer. We do offer partial refunds for special circumstances if notified within 24-hours of purchase.